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Marketing organizations invest a tremendous amount of time and resources into the generation of inquiries, only to see much of that effort wasted as sales either rejects the leads outright, or even worse doesn’t engage with them at all. There are numerous causes for this, ranging from poor lead quality to lack of sales and marketing alignment. Tele-services can help you improve lead quality, strengthen your relationship with sales, and give your prospects a better experience.


Lead Qualification

According a study by Harvard Business Review, companies that contact sales inquiries within an hour are 7 times more likely to qualify a lead, yet only 37% of companies respond to queries within an hour and even worse, nearly 23% of companies failed to respond at all.

Inbound lead qualification teams are dedicated to responding to your inquiries within an hour, providing prospects with the responsive experience they have come to expect. In fact, Zogby Analytics conducted a study of online prospect that showed roughly 64% of buyers believe that they favor the company that contacts them first.

Agents are trained to discover the business need driving the inquiry and filter out “tire kickers” who have no desire to engage with your sales team. Providing higher quality leads to your sales team strengthens the rapport between marketing and sales, build up trust in marketing leads and ultimately lead to higher conversion of marketing investment into revenue.

Hidden Forge offers services to help you get your tele-qualification off the ground. Benefit from decades of experience in setting up world class tele-qualification programs. Whether you want to ramp up quickly with the help of external tele-partners, or build an internal program, Hidden Forge helps you do it right the first time.


Tele-qualification Quick Ramp Services

Once you have made the decision to implement tele-qualification, how do you begin?
Hidden Forge leverages decades of experience with dozens of implementations along with our global network of tele-services partners to get your tele-qualification up and running quickly and successfully. We start with an assessment of your current lead flow, systems, and teams. Based on this assessment we collect bids from best of breed tele-service partners, providing consultation on pricing, terms, and service level agreements. From infrastructure audits and recommendations to script and scoring model development and setting up the right KPIs, we ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Tele-qualification Audit

Already have an established lead qualification team, but aren’t sure you are getting enough out of it? We provide an assessment that gives you a solid baseline on your team’s performance, along with recommendations for optimization.

  • Are your service levels appropriate?
  • What response times are you meeting?
  • What are your conversion rates from inquiry to marketing qualified leads to sales accepted, sales qualified, pipeline and revenue?
  • Are your agents collecting the best qualification criteria?

Call Calibrations

Do you have difficulty with sales rejecting most of your leads, or worse, ignoring them completely? We can provide you with a step by step process to help improve your lead qualification’s output and build rapport and trust with sales at the same time. By engaging the sales team in educating the tele-agents, we foster a sense of ownership in the process and the output, making the sales colleagues look to your leads to make quota.


Tele-services can improve conversion rates, MROI, and your relationship with your sales team. Call us today to see how we can help you start your team.