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Marketing Automation can be a tremendous aid in accelerating the creation of highly qualified leads for your sales teams if it is designed and implemented properly. However, incorrectly configured, poorly designed, or badly managed tools at best help you do the wrong things more quickly, at worst they can make you vulnerable to spam litigation. Hidden Forge offers a range of tools and services designed to help you get the best out of your marketing automation platform while shielding you from risk.

Eloqua Cloud Apps

TeleQueue: The DemandByte TeleQueue app provides your tele-qualification teams and vendors with the ability to engage with prospects during their “moment of interest”. Automatically route contacts with high-value activity into an intelligent portal that helps your reps target hot leads and get them to sales quicker. The extensive reporting tools provide insight into call activity and help you keep track of key metrics like qualification rates, conversion and SLA performance.

Campaign Launchpad: Reduce the time your marketers spend configuring technology and give them more time to market! The Campaign Launchpad allows your operations team to embed best practices, governance and brand protection behind an easy to use interface that enable your marketers to handle list loads, e-mail design and campaign reporting on their own, in their own timeframe.


Workflow Audit: Marketing automation platforms are an excellent tool to create and manage campaigns more quickly than otherwise possible, while helping to protect your organization’s brand and comply with email legislation. Many companies are not maximizing the benefits of their MAP due to incomplete or dysfunctional processes. Hidden Forge can help you document and optimize those processes to ensure you are getting the right results when you leverage technology.

Lead-flow Audit: This crucial service documents your lead flow from web to your MAP downstream to your CRM. Make sure you know that EVERY lead is making it to its intended destination and how quickly it makes the journey.