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Expand Your Marketable Universe

Our research shows us that typical house lists suffer from considerable fatigue.  In our recent segmentation test involving 213K targets sent over 500K e-mails in total, we found targeted, external lists segmented by industry and persona  to have almost double the open rate as the similarly segmented house list, and almost eight times more click-throughs.  To reach MQL, pipeline, and revenue contribution goals, modern marketers need to explore augmenting stale house lists with external data sources as well as spending resources to cleanse their existing lists.


Relevancy is by far the greatest factor in successful engagement via e-mail.  Your prospect may be opted-in, but will not hesitate to unsubscribe if you content is not relevant to them.  Conversely e-mailing a prospect for the first time will not cause them to disengage if you are talking about something of interest to them.

  • 42+ million B2B records
  • Use Standard Industry Codes (SIC) to target the appropriate industries
  • Annual revenue and number of employees help you dial in on the right sized targets
  • Title, organization level, and department let you pinpoint the right persona
  • Technology used allows you to find the best audience for your solution

Data Acquisition and Opt-In Methodology

Hidden Forge partners with SPAN Global Services to provide B2B contacts that are opted in for both e-mail and phone based marketing from third parties.  SPAN Global’s rigorous methodology allows us to offer some of the highest deliverability  guarantees in the industry.


Poor data quality is the primary reason for 40% of all business initiatives failing to achieve their targeted benefits (according to Gartner). It has been found that data quality problems cost 10% of the total revenue. The staff of an organization spends 25% of its time in handling customer complaints caused by erratic data, fixing incorrect data, finding missing data, and clarifying data that doesn’t make any sense.