Why Slow Follow Up is Killing Your Conversion Rates

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Introduction: Quality vs. Quantity

You have just completed your digital marketing campaign and are delighted to see you have hundreds of inquiries generated and sent to sales. You walk into your meeting with your sales stakeholder, anticipating a meeting filled with praise and goodwill. Instead you hear the same old complaint about no leads. You point out the inquiries you just gave them and they are dismissed out of hand as no good. Why does this happen and how can you break the cycle?

Marketing organizations often use the number of MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) supplied to sales as a primary KPI for success. This can be misleading as the quality of those leads can be suspect, leading to low sales acceptance rates, poor credibility, and ultimately deafening sales to the good opportunities hidden among the raw inquiries that pass as MQLs.

In this paper we will examine the impact of distributing your inquiries to sales for qualification in terms of speed to response, cost of qualification, and impact of unqualified leads on sales engagement for all marketing leads. We will offer some suggestions on how to improve all of these elements.

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